AMISUB 2020 Calendar and Exhibition

Also available in: Español (Spanish) Euskara (Basque)

These two photographs are part of the AMISUB 2020 calendar “Wrecks of Mexico”. The first photograph was taken at the Sandwich wreck in Parque Alacranes, Mexico. The second photograph was taken at El Vencedor wreck in Cabo Pulmo, Mexico, and it is also part of the collective photography exhibition with the same name.

Rainbow parrot (Scarus guacamaia) and blue parrot (Scarus coeruleus) school at Sandwich wreck, Parque Nacional Arrecife Alacranes, Yucatán, Mexico


School of yellow snappers (Lutjanus argentiventris) at El Vencedor wreck, Parque Nacional de Cabo Pulmo, BCS, Mexico.



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