Colloquium at LAWPhysics on Scientific Career Development

Also available in: Español (Spanish) Euskara (Basque)

Colloquium “Scientific Career Development: the Danger Road Map” on 17th February 2021 at the Latin American Webinars on Physics (lawphysics).


We will describe the typical career path of a researcher in Physics. We will focus on the internal and external challenges we all need to overcome in the quest for a career in academia, and the options and alternative career paths a PhD in Physics opens:

    • description of the typical career path of a researcher: mobility and opportunities
    • advice for starting students: project focus, who to learn from, networking
    • battling the dark thoughts in our heads: impostor syndrome and mental hygiene
    • unconcious bias in science: the cultural micro-stoppers for minorities
    • general recommendations on support systems

(The viewgraphs in the YouTube recording are cut at the bottom, where credit was given to material by Dante Minniti which was adapted for the purpose of this talk, and the reference to the Woolstone 2019: Nature PhD survey)

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