Itelazpi 2022 Calendar and 2023 exhibits

Also available in: Español (Spanish) Euskara (Basque)

In 2022, the public society Itelazpi, of the Basque Government, included me in its calendar dedicated to pioneering women scientists. The artist  David Fernández Rementería made the illustrations of 11 Basque scientists from all times who have contributed to the advancement of science.

The full calendar can be found at Itelazpi and at this site (20MB).

I include a capture of the month of April, which corresponded to me. The drawing recreates a photograph that was taken of me in 2007 in the Atacama Desert (Chile), in which I was stationed with the AzTEC camera to make observations of the sky with the ASTE telescope. At that moment I am preparing a dewar of liquid helium to cool the detectors of the AzTEC camera, with which we discovered, within the AzTEC-ASTE collaboration, more than 1000 galaxies at great distances.


In 2023, exhibitions on the graphic work published in the Itelazpi 2022 calendar will be held in the Basque Country. These are those collected on Twitter, coinciding with day #11F of women and girls in science:



  • Tweet of the Science and Technology Faculty of the University of the Basque Country UPV-EHU
  • Tweet of the Minister of Public Governance and Self-Government of the Basque Government

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