Galápagos 2022

Also available in: Español (Spanish)

Photo gallery of a highly anticipated and enjoyed diving expedition, Galapagos, November-December 2022.


Whale sharks can be observed in Darwin Island, the northernmost of the Galapagos Archipelago. It’s a lottery whether you see them or not, but we were extremely lucky and saw quite a few while diving in the area…


Marine iguanas, on Isla Fernandina… at 16 degrees Celsius, with a 7mm neoprene… the photos are not clear because the water was very cloudy, but oh boy, what I suffered on those dives. Iguanas dive to eat algae. This behavior only occurs in Galapagos.



The hammerhead walls off Darwin and Wolf Islands are famous, but the truth is, my photos fall short of such abundance. My best description is that the hammers became landscape…


Here are some more animals, from different islands. I’m going to have a hard time completing this post… I still have over 500 photos to process.

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